Islanders = When Darkness falls 

A collaborative project created by Róisín de Buitléar

ISLANDERS is a cinematic light projection mapping project of over 50 global island artists working with glass.

This collaborative borderless artwork, straddles giant continents and powers, and encompasses wider world thinking by tiny singular actions.  Collaborating with artists from Islands around the world the projection is created using original artworks created on miniature glass slides.


This unique artwork has been created as a collective act of solidarity within the glass community.

As a people ISLANDERS are intrinsically independent but at the same time dependent on the wider world. In bringing together Islanders for this project, a call is being made to wider Island communities to show how independence can be used to strengthen community not divide it.

Participating artists are:


Róisín de Buitléar; Sinéad Brennan; Emma Bourke; Michelle O Donnell; Karen Donnellan; Peadar Lamb; Debbie Dawson; Aoife Soden; Jenny Mulligan; Greg Sullivan; Fred Curtis; Peter Young; Emer O Donnell; Marie O Rourke; Sophie Longwill; Laura Ní Chuin; Paula Stokes; James Earley



Northern Ireland:

Andrea Spencer; Alison Lowry; Meadhbh Mc Ilgorm


Katharine Colman; Nancy Sutcliffe; Cathryn Schilling; Fiaz Elson; Bernie Stevenson


Alison Kinnard; Siobhán Healy


Belle Isle - France:

Laurianne Blanchard; Regis Anchuelo




Lopez Island:

Kelly O Dell; Raven Skyriver; Wren Skyriver;

Marthas Vineyard:

Wil Eldridge Sideman

Whidbey Island:

Jason Christian; Katrina Hude; Keke Cribbs


Soneva Fushi - Maldives:

Erin Barr




Shnji Omura; Rui Sasaki  

Japan, Sado:

Minami Oya


New Zealand:

Elizabeth Mc Clure



Nico Barbini; Amy West; Matteo Seguso;

Sardinia- Italy:

Pino Cerchi


Faroes - Denmark:

Brandur Patturson



Sigríður Ásgeirsdóttir; Brynhildur Þorgeirsdóttir



Margerita Pule


Korea: South Korea Choi Keeryong


Kinali Island - Turkey:

Aysem Ötük


Java -Indonesia:

Patricia Untario


Vänoxa- Finland:

Jarl Hohenthal


Tromsø- Norway:

Silja Skoglund

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 18.02.52.png
Peter Young Irl.JPG
Peadar Lamb Teoirann .JPG

Islanders at The Venice Glass week 

13th september 2019 - 21.00

Venue 25 Fondamenta Lorenzo 3401 Murano Venice Italy

An evening projection will be shown on Friday 13th September 2019 at 21.00 on Murano Island Venice, using glass artworks. The artwork invites discussion around how living on an island can inspire and influence artwork, business and community. How island communities can drive change, create identities and build on connections with other island nations.

The collaborative imagery, Venetian location and projection will culminate in making the ISLANDERS a unique artwork

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 19.06.32.png
Will Sideman USA.JPG

Glint glass Studio projects

Róisin de Buitléar and glass artist Sinéad Brennan have collaborated to create the ‘Glint Glass Studio and Glint Glass School in Irishtown co Dublin

Glint glass studio is an open access studio where urban glasses and table ware are up-cycled from Dublin's pub waste, making sustainable products, made in Ireland. 


Click on the website for online sales and information.



where you can MAKE YOUR OWN GLASS


Classes are open to all through AIRBNB EXPERIENCES IN DUBLIN CITY and make a great corporate event or group outing.


The STUDIO can also be rented by professional artists on an hourly or daily basis.

All details and booking can be made online by visiting  

The urban warrior

Róisin de Buitléar and Jeweller Tuula Harrington have collaborated to create the ‘Urban Warrior’ collection, which was launched in Designworks Studio, Cork.

Urban Warrior is an explorative collection that combines bone, glass and precious metals to create bold, powerful and contemporary forms. Tuula Harrington of Designworks, Cork is an accomplished goldsmith and silversmith of Finnish and Irish lineage. The Urban Warrior collection pays homage to the tradition of Irish jewellery making, from Viking to contemporary times, the collection reflects the diversity of Ireland’s cultural ancestry.


Urban Warrior prompts us to rekindle the cultural and historical significance of personal adornment and to see how form and material can denote the role of one’s tribe, one’s lineage, and one’s personal presence. The collection exhibits the craft and skill of two artists, moulding, shaping, and creating forms that honour the tradition of the jewellers craft with refined contemporary elegance.

Roisin de Buitlear designed jewellery
Earring collaboration with Tuula Harrington
Urban Warrior piece
Tuula Harrington collaboration
Ornate glass necklace