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Presented by Crafts Council UK and celebrating its 20th year, Collect is the leading international fair for contemporary craft and design, representing the pinnacle of artistry and creativity.

The evidence is Clear 

The world is warming at alarming rates. We know it and yet we are not acting with the urgency to slow it down. The evidence is right there in front of us, but somehow we distort that truth and look through it. This piece demands you to look at this distortion of glass mass, made with fire, its suspended in the the distorted frame, while the world continues in the background. We need 


“We now understand this problem, we know how to stop the number increasing, and put it in reverse. We must stop carbon emissions this decade. We must recapture billions of tons of carbon from the air. We must fix our sights on keeping 1.5 degrees within reach.”

The world is on fire. We need to see this as an emergency. Dry rivers, wild fires and dramatically changing weather patterns. We are part of the problem, but also part of the solution’. “As a species, we are expert problem solvers. But we haven’t yet applied ourselves to this problem with the focus it requires.” 


David Attenborough 

COL_24_Landscape_No Previews.png

Presented by Crafts Council UK and celebrating its 20th year, Collect is the leading international fair for contemporary craft and design, representing the pinnacle of artistry and creativity.

Precious Cargo -  Hidden treasure series 

Hidden Treasure is a project undertaken by Róisín de Buitléar in Murano, Venice in September 2023. The aim of the project is to explore the creative potential of glass waste as a viable material for design and art work. As islanders the Venetian and Irish glass communities must deal with disposing of waste every day.


Lying in boxes, cartons and shelves all over Murano are sculpted elements, broken shards, mirrored slabs, and twisted canes of glass. Daily as hundreds of glass objects are being made, tonnes of glass waste is being created. As the impact of climate change becomes more apparent, examining how reusing waste glass as a raw material for creative solutions becomes an urgent action to undertake. This precious commodity is the starting point for design ideas for income streams with real solutions for reuse. The intention is to create circularity and create a desire for its reuse.


Precious Cargo -  Hidden treasure series 


Precious Cargo -  Hidden treasure series 

This project was supported by Culture Ireland 


Children Of Lir 


Showing at Quiet Eyes Exhibition
I am of Ireland Gallery- Feb 17th - March 31st 2024


Children Of Lir - Blown Glass Diamond Point Engraved 340mm x 110mm

‘Clann Lir’ is an old Irish legend based on a story of magic, jealousy and endurance. As often in Irish legends, the story doesn’t end well, it involves incarcerating children & has a dark side.

I’ve often wondered if the story relates to migrating swans, disappearing for months and then reappearing in winter in Ireland. We have three species of swan in Ireland The Mute, Whooper and Bewick.

Thousands of geese and swans migrate from Iceland, Greenland and Canada to spend the winter in Ireland. Many of these species are of conservation concern. As climate warms and natural feeding lands become fewer it has become evident that having the wetlands to support them is essential to their existence. Ireland’s waterbirds are indicators of the health of the wetland environment they use. Hundreds of citizen scientists and NPWS and BirdWatch Ireland staff across Ireland take part in bird monitoring surveys every year.

Bewick’s Swans nest in Arctic Russia during the summer and winter in northern Europe, the UK and Ireland. As climate change has caused milder winters on the continent, many Bewick’s Swans have been ‘short-stopping’, that is, not flying as far as Ireland, simply because they don’t need to anymore. Migration is a hugely difficult undertaking, so they won’t burn through their energy and fat reserves if they don’t have to.

exhibition work


Rian - Blown glass
320mm x 180mm Showing at 35th Salonul Sticlei Bucharest Romania April 2023


Rian Blown Glass
150 x 300mm


Breaking News - Blown glass, paper -Textile 
Showing at Ireland Glass Biennale April 27th - August 15th Dublin Castle 


Breaking News - Blown glass, paper -Textile Showing at Ireland Glass Biennale April 27th - August 15th Dublin Castle 


Sinking island - Showing at RHA annual exhibition Dublin April 20th - May 30th

IMG_8360 2.jpg

Sinking island - Showing at RHA annual exhibition Dublin April 20th - May 30th

murmurations .jpg

murmurations 250 x 220 x 180mm Blown glass with engraving

Murmurations .jpg

murmurations 250 x 220 x 180mm Blown glass with engraving

Glass is Biotiful

Biot France 

Fragile Breath (Visor) 

Made during the Covid 19 Pandemic, this unique piece was made in response to respiratory awareness during this viral spread. Inspired by lace veils on millinery, the now familiar visor, a stallworth item of safety equipment in the glass workshop has been transformed to being a line of defence in respiratory illness. The lace pattern is taken from an existing French lace work, and is reminiscent of bronchial networks in the lungs. 


An international juried exhibition of 30 works by artists from 17 countries is on view at in Biot Cote d'Azur France until 30th November 2022 as part of the Biot International festival of Glass

Glass Glamour 2022

Quenington, Glostersire  UK

Recent research on climate change has inspired these two pieces recently made at Berengo studios Murano. 


Our planet and our futures are hanging in the balance 

L26 xW 4cm x H15cm  Solid hot sculpted glass smoke grey with yellow solid ovoid Showing at The Society of Women Artists Mall Galleries London 


Storm Surge 

30 x 42 cm

Blown Incalmo & solid sculpted aquamarine and clear glass 


Sinking Island

L26 xW 4cm x H15cm  Solid hot sculpted glass smoke grey with green solid ovoid. 







Ulster Museum  

October 25th - Jan 2023



Irish Craft Heroes, a major exhibition celebrating 50 years of Irish craft, coincides with Design & Crafts Council Ireland's (DCCI) 50th Anniversary since its establishment in 1971. To mark this landmark occasion, the National Design & Craft Gallery  has produced an outdoor, touring exhibition and publication charting the evolution of the craft and design sector in Ireland over the last 50 years, paying homage to the many makers whose work has contributed to the rich tapestry of craft and design practice in Ireland.
Irish Craft Heroes exhibition will launch in Kilkenny from 23 July to 06 October 2021; touring to Dublin Castle from October to December 2021; and continuing to GMIT Centre for Creative Arts & Media, Galway city in spring 2022 – with further venues to be announced.

Through a public open call, Design & Crafts Council Ireland invited its members, GANS, partners, and the wider craft and design sector to nominate their #IrishCraftHero: ‘to celebrate makers whose work has significant legacy, has heralded new approaches or changed the way we look at the world.’

Róisín de Buitléar was selected as one of the 50 artists to be celebrated in this exhibition

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 12.13.22.png


5TH octoBER 2022  – 21st january 2023

FE MCWilliams Gallery


Northern Ireland 

'Made In Ireland celebrates the wealth and vibrancy of Ireland's studio crafts. The exhibition presents work by over 110 craftspeople each creating beautiful, considered objects using skills honed over many years.

Ireland’s makers, working in and across different sectors, are creating innovative work of high quality.


Makers work in local and carefully sourced materials, across all regions of our island. Some are household names, but most work away quietly perfecting their skill and promoting their work regionally. The Irish public has shown itself to have a lively interest in craft, however, is largely unaware of the diverse range and quality of work being produced in the country by skilled makers.


At a time when many are showing a considerable preference and appreciation for goods that are Irish made, we can think of no better time to create a colourful, inclusive exhibition that shows the very best of what is MADE IN IRELAND'. Design and Crafts Council Of Ireland 

Curated by Stephen O Connell and Hilary Morley



ISLANDERS - When darkness falls, is a collaborative borderless artwork by Island artists that straddles giant continents and powers, and encompasses wider world thinking from a basis of small singular actions. A Live Event – Unique to place and culture


A light projection artwork particular to a location, creating a gathering of community, sharing culture, language, geography, craft, tradition, and innovation



ISLANDERS aims to create a worldwide community base of Island artists working with GLASS by giving global visibility to a heretofore, unmapped island community. Working from individual perspectives to make a collaborative project, ISLANDERS maps how without borders or prejudice, positive gestures can result in supporting each other. The project invites discussion around how living on an island can inspire and influence artwork, business and community. Through this it examines how independence and dependence, affects communities to drive change, create identities and build on connections with other island nations.


Róisín de Buitléar has collaborated with artists from Islands around the world using original artworks created on miniature glass slides. Over 50 artists from 20 different Islands have contributed to the project. Taking old technology of vintage magic lanterns and combining new technology of digital projection this project is an exciting development in an on going interest in projected light and shadow. Engraving, painting, laminating, applique, or transparent decal are some of the ways images have been manipulated to create projectable imagery in glass. The collaborative imagery, particular location and projection will culminate in making the ISLANDERS a unique artwork in multiple venues.



Islanders Participating Islands and artists



Róisín de Buitléar; Sinéad Brennan; Emma Bourke; Michelle O Donnell; Karen Donnellan; Peadar Lamb; Debbie Dawson; Aoife Soden; Jenny Mulligan; Greg Sullivan; Fred Curtis; Peter Young; Emer O Donnell; Marie O Rourke; Sophie Longwill; Laura Ní Chuin; Paula Stokes; James Earley Andrea Spencer; Alison Lowry; Meadhbh Mc Ilgorm


Great Britain

Katharine Colman; Nancy Sutcliffe; Cathryn Shilling; Fiaz Elson; Bernie Stevenson

Alison Kinnard; Siobhán Healy


Belle Isle - France:

Laurianne Blanchard; Regis Anchuelo



Lopez Island:

Kelly O Dell; Raven Skyriver; Wren Skyriver;

Marthas Vineyard:

Wil Eldridge Sideman

Whidbey Island:

Jason Christian; Katrina Hude; Keke Cribbs

Soneva Fushi - Maldives:

Erin Barr




Shunji Omura; Rui Sasaki  

Japan, Sado:

Minami Oya


New Zealand:

Elizabeth McClure




Nico Barbini; Amy West; Matteo Seguso;

Sardinia- Italy:

Pino Cerchi


Faroes - Denmark:

Brandur Patturson



Sigríður Ásgeirsdóttir; Brynhildur Þorgeirsdóttir



Margerita Pule


Korea: South Korea Choi Keeryong


Kinali Island - Turkey:

Aysem Ötük


Java -Indonesia:

Patricia Untario


Vänoxa- Finland:

Jarl Hohenthal


Tromsø- Norway:

Silja Skoglund


8th September - 15th November

Fragile Correspondance


2 large curated exhibitions at the Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gård showcase the best of European glass. The exhibitions are curated with personal invitations, as well as an open call, where individual artists, artists associations, individual curators, artists, designers and crafts makers working with glass were able to apply for participation. 

11-9-2021 - 25-11-2021

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 12.03.53.png

Fragile Correspondance
Engraved Glass
Amy West &
Róisín de Buitléar

#Murano We’ve arrived. Peaceful quiet an

Venue{ Amy West Design Studio

Fondamenta Lorenzo Radi 25 3401 Murano

Venice Italy

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 19.06.32.png

AWD Studio presents "Fragile Correspondence", an exhibition of engraved glass communication between Róisín de Buitléar in Ireland, and Amy West in Italy, created especially for The Venice Glass Week 2019.


Two artists united by their passion for glass engraving and the incised line, this ongoing dialog explores the importance of making time to communicate, using glass engraving as their common language. In the exhibition, visitors can see individual and collaborative artwork in glass and paper, the application of various engraving techniques and tools, and the process of printing from engraved plates.



The exhibition will be opened until 15th November 2019, only upon appointment.


The inauguration of this exhibition will take place on Sunday 8th September, at the same venue.




Homo Faber
14th - 30 Sept

venue: The Fondazione Giorgio Cini, San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy

Crafting a more human future

Homo Faber is an inspiring exhibition of European craftsmanship, an international cultural event to showcase fine contemporary, traditional and rare craftsmanship and its link to the world of creativity and design.Homo Faber covers a wide range of materials and disciplines and celebrates the human spirit and talent of the creators.
Hundreds of exceptional works created by some 150 artist-artisans from all over Europe will be on display in Venice this September in the Homo Faber exhibit Best of Europe, stunningly displayed in a room envisioned and designed by renowned Italian architect Stefano Boeri. Róisín de Buitléar has been selected to exhibit three works in this exceptional show. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 17.10.28.png
2 Skeletal R de Buitlear .jpg





We explore sound captured in glass in this beautiful exhibition of work by Irish glass artist Róisín de Buitléar, which forms part of the TradFest Children’s Hub 2018.

Featuring pieces from Róisín’s Irish Incantation/Ortha series, the exhibition features a series of beautiful glass objects that capture the essence of musical sound and pitch in glass form. Some of the sculptures are made to evoke the sound and duration of a musical note, others will remind you of musical instruments that look like they could be played.

In fact while you are visiting the exhibition, you will see a video of them being played by musicians Liam Ó Maonlaí and Peter O’Toole along with hearing Róisín talking about the inspiration for her work.

Alongside the exhibition display will be a fun interactive glass sound exploring area using glass objects found in everyday life that will enable you to try out making your own glass music.

venue: The ARK Cultural Centre for Children. Temple Bar, Dublin.

directions and opening hours available here:

Glass Sounds image
The Ark Temple Bar Exhibition Piece
Glass sculpture exhibition piece
Roisin de Buitlear glass piece
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