An ongoing collaborative exploration of cultural resonance through music, glass sounds and spoken word 



I am passionate about Ireland, its culture, traditions, language and natural beauty. I evolve work that is contemplative, meditative and which reinforces the simple delight of gracious line.

I have been fascinated by glass as much for its beauty as the challenge of working with it. I am continually inspired by the endless creative possibilities that glass offers. I make small-scale objects and large installations for public and private buildings. I work in layers, using the inherent beauty of the material to draw the viewer into the pieces through light, shadow and colour.

At the core of the work are stories of my culture and these are told by using pattern, colour, form and the characteristics of the material. These stories are important to me to explain and share with others.

In my current work, I am investigating ideas of sound and glass, to create a visual and aural resonance of culture. Ideas of legacy, ornamentation, and characteristics of our narrative traditions are central to this work. Objects, performance and recordings are the projected outcomes.

Roisín de Buitléar




Irish Glass : Tradition in transition

We are actively looking for the next venue for this exhibtion


National museum of ireland

Artist in Residence 2018

Róisín de Buitléar was awarded the first ever Artists' Residency at the National Museum of Ireland in 201. Discover the collection and see how the year unfolded.

37 Ashfield Road, D6

Dublin, Ireland.

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